§ 8E-4. Tower crane manufacture, installation and use.  

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  • The following standards shall be applicable to tower cranes proposed to be installed and used within the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County:


    The equipment manufacturers' (O.E.M.) specifications;


    The mandatory rules contained within the applicable ASME B30 standard of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers made applicable to construction Tower Cranes (ASME B30.3);


    The most current standards of the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") applicable to cranes including 29 CFR 1926.550;


    The wind load standards contained within SEI/ASCE-7 for High Velocity Hurricane Zones as applied to the crane base foundation, the tie-ins to the building, the freestanding height and the height above the top tie-in. In applying the provisions of SEI/ASCE-7 for temporary installations, the design velocity reduction factors contained in SEI/ASCE 37-02 may be considered in factoring the wind speed at the discretion of the Building Official. The decision shall be made by the Building Official on a site-by-site basis. Factors to be considered include, but are not limited to, proximity to other structures, density, swing radius of the crane, hoist location and other safety requirements.

(Ord. No. 08-34, § 1, 3-18-08)