§ 8E-11. Hurricane preparedness.  

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  • General. Hoisting Equipment shall abide by the following hurricane precautions:


    Hoisting Equipment shall abide by all manufacturers' recommendations relating to hurricane preparedness including any relating to the placement and removal of advertisement banners, the use and removal of rigging.


    Tower crane turntable must be lubricated prior to the event.


    Mobile cranes with fixed booms must be laid down whenever feasible.


    Hydraulic cranes must have booms retracted and stored.


    Any counterweighted hoist must have the counterweight locked below the top tie-in.


    Tower crane must be set in the weathervane position.


    All rigging must be removed from the hoist block.


    All power at base of tower shall be disconnected by a general contractor.


    A hurricane preparedness plan which conforms with the requirements of this section shall be available at the site for inspection.

(Ord. No. 08-34, § 1, 3-18-08)