§ 8E-1. Definitions.  

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  • As used in this chapter, the following words and terms shall have the following meaning:


    Accredited Certifying Entity. A certifying entity is any organization whose certification program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or other nationally accepted and adopted accredited agency.


    Crane. A machine for lifting or hovering a load and moving it horizontally, in which the consisting mechanism is an integral part of the machine. It may be driven manually or by power and may be a fixed or mobile machine and includes tower crane and mobile tower crane. The term does not include stackers, lift trucks, power shovels, backhoes, excavators, concrete pouring equipment, or straddle type mobile boat hoists.


    Hoisting Equipment. Includes mast climbing work platforms, tower cranes, mobile cranes and personnel and material hoists.


    Mast. A vertical structure that supports and guides the elevating assembly.


    Mast Climbing Work Platform. A powered device consisting of an elevating assembly, base or chassis and mast that when erected is capable of supporting personnel, material, equipment, tools, and is capable of traveling vertically in infinitely adjustable increments to reach the desired work level.


    Tower Crane. A hammerhead, luffing, or other type of tower crane that is regularly assembled and disassembled for use at various sites. It is usually characterized by provisions to facilitate erection and dismantling and may include features to permit climbing or telescoping.


    Mobile Cranes. A mobile or locomotive crane covered within the scope defined in Section I, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.5 and includes crawler cranes, locomotive cranes, wheel mounted cranes, and any variation hereof that retains the same fundamental characteristics.


    Personnel and Material Hoist. A mechanism and its hoistway for use in connection with the construction, alteration, on-going maintenance or demolition of a building, structure or other work. It is used for hoisting and lowering workers or material or both, and is equipped with a car that moves vertically on guide members.

(Ord. No. 08-34, § 1, 3-18-08)