§ 8A-229.1. Pari-mutuel wagering.  

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  • The board approves and authorizes all pari-mutuel wagering facilities within Miami-Dade County holding valid permits and licenses issued by the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering pursuant to Chapter 550, Florida Statutes to apply for and receive local business tax receipts and to conduct all card room activities authorized by Florida Law and in particular Section 849.086, Florida Statutes (Chapter 96-364, Laws of Florida, 1996) as may be amended from time to time. These facilities shall pay a local business tax as provided for in the schedule of taxes, Section 8A-247.1.

(Ord. No. 06-191, § 2, 12-19-06; Ord. No. 13-32, § 6, 4-2-13)