§ 8A-4.1. Same—Definitions.  

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  • (a)

    Motor vehicle is defined herein as that term is defined in Florida Statutes, Section 320.01(1), as may be amended from time to time.


    Gas station as used herein as defined as that term is defined in Section 33-1(51) of the Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida, as may be amended from time to time.


    Kind of motor vehicle fuel shall mean the nature of the fuel; e.g., leaded, regular, unleaded, premium unleaded, premium leaded, super regular, super leaded, super unleaded, gasohol, diesel. "Kind" shall not mean the particular octane rating of the motor vehicle fuel.


    Minimum retail price shall mean the lowest retail price for a particular kind of motor vehicle fuel actually available for sale to the public at the particular gas station; e.g., lowest available premium unleaded, lowest available regular, etc.

(Ord. No. 80-15, § 2, 3-4-80)