§ 33J-9. Credits.  

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  • (a)

    Credits for up to the full amount of the impact fee less the administrative portion of the fee shall be given by the Fire Director for contributions or payments toward fire and emergency medical services capital and facilities that were voluntarily proffered or required under a County or municipal development order issued for a development of regional impact or development of County impact or under other final legislative or administrative action approved prior to the effective date of this chapter.


    Credit shall be limited to the extent of monies paid or the fair market value of contributions in kind as of the time of the contribution. Any claim for credit pursuant to this section must be filed with the Fire Director and shall be in accord with the standards and procedures for issuance of credits provided in the impact fee manual. A credit shall be considered only for those properties encompassed by the previous development order or action.


    Any feepayer claiming such credit shall present documentation and any other evidence of the value of the land or the other contribution as of the time of the contribution. Such documentation and evidence shall be considered by the Fire Director in determining the amount of credit to be given toward the impact fee. The Fire Director shall be guided by the criteria set forth in the impact fee manual. No refunds shall be made under this section. Any appeal from the Fire Director's determination of the amount of credit shall be to the Developmental Impact Committee Executive Council pursuant to the procedures set forth in this chapter.


    The feepayer shall, at the time the application for credit is submitted to the Fire Director, pay to the County Planning and Zoning Director the charge for applications for credit set forth in the impact fee manual. That administrative charge shall be used by the County solely for the processing and review of the application for credit. The amount of the administrative charge shall not be credited against the impact fee.

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