§ 33J-11. Benefit zones and trust funds.  

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    There are hereby created and established four (4) fire rescue service impact zones. The geographic location of these zones is reflected on Attachments "A" and "B," which exhibits are incorporated into and made a part of this chapter by reference. If in conflict, the boundary descriptions in Attachment "B" shall take precedence.


    A separate interest-bearing trust account shall be established for each benefit zone. All impact fees collected shall be promptly deposited into the proper trust account, except for general administrative costs paid pursuant to Section 33J-6(b), which shall be deposited into a separate Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources operating account for the sole purpose of administering the impact fee. Impact fees collected by municipalities pursuant to this chapter shall be transmitted to the County at the end of each fiscal quarter except for the portion of the general administrative cost designated for retention by the municipality.


    Expenditures from each fund shall be limited to the acquisition, expansion or improvement of real property, capital facilities or equipment made necessary by the new development from which the fees were collected or for principal and interest payments (including sinking fund payments) on bonds or other borrowed revenues used to acquire, expand or improve such facilities or equipment necessitated to mitigate the impact of and provide benefit to new development. As provided in Section 33J-12(f), funds collected in one (1) benefit zone may be expended in an adjacent benefit zone up to a distance of six (6) miles, based on fire/rescue alarms and dispatches made pursuant to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department policy and mutual response patterns between zones. As provided in Section 33J-12(e), funds can be expended on acquisition, expansion or improvement of capital facilities and equipment for central response and support services made necessary by new development in proportion to the impact on central response and support services made by new development.

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