§ 33H-5. Park impact fee.  

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  • The park impact fee is the sum of the local park open space fee (less a credit for fees and taxes paid toward capital expansion of local parks) and the local park improvement fee, together with impact fee administrative cost. This impact fee reflects the impact of residential development on both the need for local park open space and the need for improvements to local park property. Any person requesting a building permit for residential development shall pay the impact fee reflected in the impact fee schedule set forth in Section 33H-8 and developed pursuant to the following:


    Local park open space fee. The local park open space fee formula described in Section 33H-6 shall be the basis for the computation of the local park open space fee. The local park open space fee shall take the form of monetary fee or the dedication of land for a local park or a combination thereof.


    Local park improvement fee. The local park improvement fee is intended to mitigate the impact of new residential development on the need for local park improvements. The cost to improve local parks is based upon the County's cost to provide those improvements described in Section 33H-7.

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