§ 33E-6. Road impact fee imposition.  

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  • (a)

    Any application for a building permit for development activity within Miami-Dade County shall be subject to the imposition of a road impact fee in the manner and amount set forth in this Chapter.


    All building permits issued after June 4, 1989, shall be subject to the imposition of the computed impact fee as determined herein. However, any application for a building permit where the required road impact fee payment is made prior to October 1, 1994 shall not be subject to Ordinance No. 94-134 amending Chapter 33E of the Code of Miami-Dade County and the Miami-Dade Manual provided said building permits are issued prior to January 29, 1995.


    No such building permit shall be issued by the County or any Miami-Dade County municipality unless and until the applicant has paid such impact fee, or presented a letter of credit for such impact fee in a form acceptable to the Miami-Dade County Planning and Zoning Director, or compiled with the requirements of Section 33E-14(e)(1)b. This shall not prohibit a feepayer from initiating an independent fee computation study or a negotiation for a contribution in lieu of fee as provided for in Sections 33E-9 and 33E-10 herein.


    Notwithstanding the payment of a road impact fee or provision of a contribution in-lieu-of-fee in conjunction with land development activity, other State, County and municipal development regulations may limit the issuance of building or use permits for development activity.


    Nothing herein shall prohibit any municipality or Miami-Dade County from paying the required impact fee on behalf of any applicant or feepayer. In such an instance, said impact fee payment shall be from other allowable fundable sources other than prior impact fee revenues.

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