§ 32-93. Water and sewer charges to constitute a lien.  

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  • Except as otherwise provided by this article, all charges, late charges and interest accruing thereupon, for water and sewer service rendered by the Department after the effective date of Ordinance No. 84-10 to any real property which remain unpaid sixty (60) days after the final bill date for water and sewer charges shall become a lien against and upon the real property to which such water and sewer service has been furnished to the same extent and character as a lien for a special assessment. Until fully paid and discharged, said charges, late charges, and interest accrued thereupon shall be, remain, and constitute a special assessment lien equal in rank and dignity with the liens of County ad valorem taxes and superior in rank and dignity to all other liens, encumbrances, titles and claims in, to or against the real property involved for the period of twenty (20) years from the date said charges become a lien as set forth in this section. Said liens may be enforced and satisfied by the County, on behalf of the Department, pursuant to Chapter 173, Florida Statutes, as it may be amended from time to time, or by any other method permitted by law. The lien provided for herein shall not be deemed to be in lieu of any other legal remedies for payment available to the County and Department, including but not limited to suspension and termination of water service.

(Ord. No. 84-10, § 1, 2-7-84; Ord. No. 99-111, § 1, 9-9-99; Ord. No. 08-22, § 1, 2-7-08)