§ 2-39. Definitions.  

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  • The following terms employed in this division shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly implies a different intent:


    "Board" shall mean the Personnel Advisory Board.


    "Appointing authority," subject to the provisions of Section 8.01 of the Charter, shall mean the Manager for all County employees except those of elective officials whose offices are not affected by the Charter.


    "County service" shall mean employment, payment for which is made in whole or in part by the County Commission or by other elected officials of the County whose employees are affected by this division.


    "Public office" shall mean the Manager, any person appointed by the Manager who serves at his pleasure, and any elected official of the County or any municipality in the County.


    "Elected officials" and "elected officer" shall mean an elective public official whose employees are affected by this division.


    "Department head" and "division head" shall mean department or division heads established by ordinance of the County Commission.


    "Professional medical employees" shall mean those persons who must be licensed by the State of Florida as qualified to practice a healing art.


    "Conditional employees" shall mean those persons who occupied positions with the Miami-Dade Transportation Administration which, prior to the effective date of this ordinance [July 27, 1984], were excepted from the classified service and who shall be merged into the classified service in accordance with Section 2-45 herein.

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