§ 28A-12. Prohibited conduct.  

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  • 28A-12.1.  It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to remain in or on any public area, place or facility at the port, in such a manner as to hinder or impede the passage of pedestrians or vehicles.



    If, after the issuance of such permit or license, any holder of a stevedore license or other license or permit (other than a Seaport identification card, which is governed by sections 28A-5.3(f) and (g) above and section 28A-5.5 above), or any officer, stockholder of greater than a twenty (20) percent share, or member thereof, is convicted of a felony involving cargo theft; smuggling; usage, sale, possession, or trafficking of narcotics or other controlled substance; felony theft; any violent crime committed with a weapon; fraud, misrepresentation, embezzlement, bribery, forgery false pretenses or any other felony under Chapters 812, 817, 837 or 838, Florida Statutes, or their federal counterparts, or against whom a finding of guilt is entered in a previously enumerated felony case, such permit or license shall be immediately rescinded.


    Any holder of a stevedore license or other license or permit whose license or permit has been revoked under subsection (a) above may appeal the decision to the appeals committee set forth in Section 28A-5.3(h). (Ord. No. 81-88, § 1, 7-21-81; Ord. No. 97-161, § 1, 9-23-97; Ord. No. 98-78, § 9, 6-2-98)