§ 28A-10. Port watchmen, private security personnel.  

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  • (a)

    All port users shall furnish their own port watchmen or security personnel when they have, within the port, freight or other personal property which is described in Section 28A-9(c).


    All watchmen and security personnel employed by users of the port must comply with the provisions of Chapter 493, Florida Statutes.


    Any person who intends to utilize watchmen or security personnel must give advance notification of such intended use to the Metro-Miami-Dade Police Department and the Director or his designee.


    No person who has knowledge of the utilization of watchmen or special security personnel by any port user or person shall reveal the location or place of employment thereof within the port except to an authorized representative of the port or any State or federal law enforcement agency.

(Ord. No. 78-65, § 1, 10-4-78; Ord. No. 97-161, § 1, 9-23-97)