§ 26A-9. Smoking, holding of lighted tobacco products in certain mercantile stores; display of signs.  

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  • It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or carry a lighted cigar, cigarette, cigarillo or pipe, or use any spark, flame, match or fire producing device in any mercantile store in the County:


    Designed or arranged to accommodate more than one hundred (100) persons, or


    In which more than twenty-five (25) persons are employed, or


    Which voluntarily elects, by and through the action of its management, to be included within this section.

    This prohibition shall apply to restrooms, restaurants, coffee shops, soda fountain counters, executive offices or beauty parlors in such mercantile stores. Every person, or his agent, having control of such store premises in which smoking or the carrying of lighted objects is prohibited by or under the authority of this ordinance, shall conspicuously display upon the premises a sign reading "Smoking Prohibited by Law."

(Ord. No. 73-42, § 1, 4-16-73)