§ 26A-8. Smoking, holding of lighted tobacco products prohibited in elevators; display of signs.  

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  • The smoking or carrying of lighted cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco and other tobacco products on all elevators available to and used by the general public is found to be injurious and dangerous to the public health, determined to be a sanitary nuisance and a fire hazard, and is hereby prohibited. The use of any spark, flame or fire producing device is similarly prohibited in all elevators in the County. A sign reading "Smoking Prohibited by Law" shall be permanently and conspicuously placed in each elevator available to and used by the general public by the owner or lessee of the building in which such elevator is located.

(Ord. No. 73-14, § 1, 2-20-73; Ord. No. 73-41, § 1, 4-16-73; Ord. No. 73-59, § 1, 6-5-73)