§ 20-8.5. Annexing Municipality's Responsibilities for Bond Indebtedness.  

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  • Any changes in the boundaries of a municipality involving the annexation of unincorporated areas of the County shall be effective only upon the condition that such municipality shall be responsible for (i) its pro-rata share of any County debt outstanding for the area annexed at the time of the annexation; and with respect to any municipality that is part of the Stormwater Utility, debt outstanding for the area annexed at the time the municipality elects to be separated from the Stormwater Utility through an interlocal agreement or by exemption and (ii) its pro-rata share of any refunding of such debt. The municipality's annual pro-rata share of debt service for the annexed area shall be determined by multiplying the total debt service on the outstanding debt in each Fiscal Year by the municipality's percentage share of pledged revenues (revenues pledged by the County to the repayment of the debt). The municipality's percentage share shall be determined by dividing the pledged revenues collected within the annexed area during the County's Fiscal Year in which annexation is executed, and with respect to the Stormwater Utility in the Fiscal Year in which the municipality elects to separate from the Stormwater Utility district; by the total pledged revenues collected in that same Fiscal Year. It is further provided that the annexation shall be effective only upon the condition that the County continues to collect and distribute the pledged revenues in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the debt. The requirements of this section shall be the subject of an interlocal agreement between the County and the annexing municipality that shall be adopted by the annexing municipality prior to the County Commission's adoption of any ordinance authorizing a boundary change.

(Ord. No. 05-97, § 1, 5-17-05)