§ 19A-6. Notification and enforcement of State regulations and chapter.

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  • (a)

    Trailer and mobile home park owners or operators shall notify all current and prospective park occupants of their legal responsibility to obtain a certificate of completion, unless excepted herein, and shall post the provisions of State regulations, as amended, and of this chapter, as amended, in conspicuous locations within such parks.


    A temporary certificate of completion may be obtained by the park owner, owner or operator or State licensed mobile home or motor vehicle dealer for any mobile home or motor vehicle used as housing, and required to meet the provisions of this chapter for a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive days prior to obtaining the required final certificate of completion.

    Such temporary certificate of completion must be obtained before occupancy and before its expiration in thirty (30) days, a final certificate of completion obtained or said mobile home or motor vehicle used for housing shall cease to be occupied.

    A final certificate of completion shall be issued upon application after inspection verifies that the provisions of this chapter have been met and after payment of a reasonable fee.

(Ord. No. 77-1, § 1, 1-4-77)