§ 17C-13. Uninhabitable mobile home parks.  

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    Mobile home parks shall be uninhabitable when as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Andrew all or a substantial majority of the mobile homes located at such parks:


    Are vacant, unguarded and open at doors, windows or roof,


    Are open at windows, doors or roof,


    There is unwarranted accumulation of debris or other combustible material therein or on the land or lot on which such mobile homes are or were situated.


    The condition of the parks, or land or lot upon which the mobile homes are or were situated creates hazards with respect to means of egress and fire protection,


    Have a falling away, hanging loose or loosening of any sidings, or other building material,


    Have deterioration of their structural parts,


    Are practically or fully destroyed,


    Have an unusual sagging or leaning out of plumb which is caused by deterioration or over-stressing,


    Have electrical or mechanical installations or systems create a hazardous condition,


    Have an unsanitary condition by reasons of inadequate or malfunctioning sanitary facilities or waste disposal systems, or


    Have a condition which creates, allows or threatens to generate widespread or epidemic health or safety hazards.


    All mobile homes located in a mobile home park which park has been found to be uninhabitable as provided herein shall be subject to demolition and the debris removed therefrom.

(Ord. No. 92-90, § 1, 9-2-92)