§ 17B-16. Recovery of cost; liens.

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    All costs incurred pursuant to this chapter shall be paid by the owner.


    The Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer shall file among his records an affidavit stating the items of expense and the date of execution of actions authorized by this chapter.


    The enforcing agency may institute a suit to recover such expenses against the owner and may cause such expenses to be charged against the property as a lien. Any lien imposed for demolition shall constitute a special assessment lien against the real property and until fully paid, discharged released or barred by law shall remain a lien equal in rank and dignity to a lien of county ad valorem taxes and superior in rank and dignity to all other liens, encumbrances, titles and claims in, to or against the real property involved.

(Ord. No. 88-59, § 1, 7-5-88)