§ 17B-13. Recording of final order.  

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  • Whenever the order to demolish an uninhabitable structure becomes a final order authorizing demolition, as provided in Section 17B-12 or pursuant to a decision by the Minimum Housing Appeals Board as provided in Section 17B-14, the Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer shall file a copy of such final order, together with the street address or legal description of the subject property, with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County, Florida, who shall cause the same to be recorded among the public records of Miami-Dade County. The recordation of such final order or other appropriate instrument as herein provided shall constitute constructive notice to any subsequent purchasers, transferees, grantees, mortgagors, mortgagees, lessees, lienors, and all persons having, claiming or acquiring any interest in the property described therein, or affected thereby.

(Ord. No. 88-59, § 1, 7-5-88)