§ 17A-7. Identification of Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer; conflict of interest.  

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  • The Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer and all assistants shall be furnished with official identification cards signed by the County Manager, which identification cards shall contain the name of the officer, his photograph, and pertinent descriptive identifying information, and such other matters designed to facilitate recognition by the public of the status of such official. Upon request, the Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer and assistants shall exhibit such identification when entering any vacant commercial structure, vacant dwelling, vacant dwelling unit, vacant rooming house, vacant rooming unit, vacant hotel, vacant hotel unit, or vacant premises. The requirements of this section shall not in any wise be construed as relieving the Minimum Housing Enforcement Officer or assistants from compliance with the procedures prescribed in this chapter for making inspections.

    No official, board member or employee charged with the enforcement of this law shall have any financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any repairs, corrections, construction or demolition which may be required.

(Ord. No. 80-65, § 1, 6-17-80; Ord. No. 95-228, § 1, 12-19-95)